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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday in the Sauna

Becca waiting to cross the Crosscut Trail
It was only 69 F when Becca and I began our hike on the west side of Tortugas Mountain, but the humidity and dewpoint were high.  The little bit of rain we got late yesterday just served to saturate the air with moisture, and it felt pretty brutal out there today due to an absence of wind.  Nevertheless, there were lots of outdoor enthusiasts around the mountain, jogging, hiking and riding bikes.  We old, sinewy rattlesnakes have to tough it out if we want to get any exercise around these parts.
Exploring near an arroyo

Taking a shade break when she can find it

Young Ladderback Woodpecker

Why they're called "Ladderback"

Mr. Lizard

Huge Collared Lizard on the Mesquite Tree in our backyard


Tonia said...

I could do with some of your heat!

Dr. K said...

We're seeing a lot of lizards right now. They thrive in the heat.

packrat said...

Is it cold Down Under, Tonia?

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