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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Along the Western Escarpment

Getting started on the Rim Trail
When we started off on the Rim Trail this morning it looked like rain was imminent.  About halfway through, though, the sun broke out, warming us nicely.  It was 50 F at the beginning of our hike, and about 60 F when we finished up.  Even though this is the day before the July 4th holiday, we saw nobody else in the forest where we were.  It made for a long, peaceful trek through the Lincoln National Forest in the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico.
Through an Aspen grove

Red Squirrel along the Rim Trail

Getting a grip

Tall pines along the rim

Packrat and face-obscured friend

Deep in the Lincoln National Forest

Indian Paintbrush

Deep draw in the forest

Looking down toward the Tularosa Basin


Dr. K said...

That squirrel was very upset by our presence.

Scott said...

Look at all that lushness! What a difference a few thousand feet and some rain can make! Enjoy the perfect cool!

We used to have red squirrels in our preserve, but I almost never see them any more. The more aggressive and larger gray squirrels have driven them all out.

packrat said...

We're enjoying the cool temps, Scott! I belong to a writers network sponsored by HarperCollins UK, and every once in a while some Brit will complain about all the gray squirrels forcing the reds out of Britain; and the Brits blame us Yanks for it! I guess, somehow, we managed to introduce the grays over there.

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