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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pleasant Mountain Hike

Looking down at the Tularosa Basin
We did a two-hour hike along the Rim Trail, starting from parking area #4 and heading back in the direction of Cloudcroft.  We generally don't hike in that direction, but we wanted a change of pace.  We saw nobody else on the trail, and we were able to enjoy the solitude.  The mountaintop was very busy, though, this being the Fourth of July weekend.  On the way down to High Rolls we stopped at the Mennonites' vegetable stand and bought snow peas and kale.  The young man minding the stand gave us a recipe for "Baked Kale Chips," which we'll try later.
Looking for bear

The aspen in the center has been toppled

It requires a strong wind to snap a tree off at the base

The pine at left may have been struck by lightening

I like the modern emblem at the bottom of this ancient trail marker

Not sure if this parasite is a type of mistletoe

Usually mistletoe grows amongst branches and leaves

Standing ovation

A giant Ponderosa Pine


Dr. K said...

We were lucky to not run into anyone on this hike because the mountain seems so crowded this weekend.

Scott said...

I really like the second image of (what looks to me) like a fritillary.

The bundle of plant material does look like mistletoe, but it's growing in a strange location--I agree.

packrat said...

I believe it's the Atlantis Fritillary, Scott.

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