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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oppressive Heat

One very hot dog
You know the heat is bad when it's almost too hot to take photos.  It was over 80 F when Becca and I hit the mountain this morning, with a dewpoint of 56 degrees.  We had to take lots of shade/water breaks to keep the comfort level bearable.  We bumped into a guy from Montana who couldn't believe how bad conditions were.  We couldn't chat long, though, because it felt too uncomfortable to linger there.  We're missing mountain hiking a lot!
Ocotillos finally leafing out (note how leaves emerge atop thorns)

Flowers of the Allthorn

Barely in the shade

Staggering across the desert, you don't want this looking down at you 


Dr. K said...

Amazing that the ocotillo are blooming out despite the lack of rain.

Scott said...

Bad in what sense, Packrat? Heat? Drought? All ypertici 71of the above?

Kali and I are in Laramie, WY for one evening. When we came out of the restaurant after dinner, we were actually cold. Laramie's at 7,100 feet, and it's very dry. First time we've been cold in 5 days.

packrat said...

All of the above, Scott. We're missing the cold. Each morning when we were in High Rolls last we had to wear a light jacket when we took Becca out for her morning constitutional.

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