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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Busy Morning on the Mountain

Climbing into the foothills before dropping into the lower desert
There's a price to be paid for getting the kind of precipitation we beg for here in the desert:  lingering atmospheric moisture in the form of high humidity.  The dewpoint was 67 degrees when Becca and I hit the west side of Tortoise Mountain.  We sweated our butts off (well, at least I did; she panted her butt off) during the hike.  Other outdoor enthusiasts were also fooled by the beautiful-looking conditions because there was a crapload (that's the correct terminology) out and about on the mountain this morning.
Everything looks fresh and clean after a big rain

Baby Ocotillo and Strawberry Pitaya Cactus look like a Lady Bug

The desert floor is finally drying after the rain

There are still a lot of clouds about

Pleasant Chihuahuan Desert scene

In the distance the Franklin Mountains near El Paso


Need . . . to . . find . . . . shade

The way into the lower desert

The distant city

In a cloud shadow


Dr. K said...

I like "The way into the lower desert."

Scott said...

Look how green everything is!

We're supposed to get severe weather Saturday night that will put an end to a miserable heat wave that has plagued us for a week. We've had temperatures in the mid-90s every day, and the humidity has been horrendous. There's been almost no one walking the trails in my preserve all week; everyone just wants to stay indoors. Great summer so far: rain every day in June, then damnable soupy heat in July. I do hate summer.

packrat said...

Those conditions sound miserable, Scott. I know what you mean about summers back there. Out here I can stand every month except the few--July and August--that are really humid.

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