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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In the Cool Pines

Federal Highway Administration marker on section one of the Rim Trail
Even though it was cool on the Rim Trail this morning, it was slightly humid from last night's rain.  Nevertheless, it felt great to get in a long hike.  One section of this part of the trail runs pretty close alongside the Sunspot Highway, but I am at a loss to explain what the old Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration marker is doing on the trail.  We crossed paths with a small family--father, mother and young daughter--who said Becca looked just like their dog, only bigger.
Between the tall pines

This girl loves being in the mountains

Mexican Silene

Mexican Silene

Silene laciniata (rear view)

Indian Paintbrush

Is this a Widemeyer's Admiral?

Bluebird feather

White butterfly and friend on Nodding Onion

12,000-foot-high Sierra Blanca

Dr. K and Becca

The rare Penstemon neomexicanus (New Mexico beardtongue)

Heading back


Dr. K said...

Skyrocket is a great name for a flower.

Scott said...

I agree, Dr. K, and especially that flower. I wonder if it's in the same family as Indian paintbrush...?

Since the Rim Trail was running near the Sunspot Highway, do you think that perhaps the FHA had considered an alternate route that would have brought the road alignment on or near the route of the current Rim Trail?

packrat said...

Scott: it's possible that the FHA considered another route for the Sunspot Highway; the section of the trail where this marker appears is probably the closest of any portion. And, no, Indian Paintbrush and Skyrocket are not related.

P.S. I'm still struggling to find the correct ID of the flower I misidentified as Cliff Fendlerbush.

packrat said...

**Apologies to Dr. K and Scott; I've done this before, and I've done it again--that is, misidentified the Mexican Silene as Skyrocket (Scarlet Gilia). I'll probably do it again in the future. I can only think I've been high on mountain air, which has robbed me of all common sense.

packrat said...

The more I look at that brilliant flower, the less sure I am that it is a Silene.

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