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Friday, July 26, 2013

"Humid" Doesn't Quite Describe It

Becca sees Jimmy hiking up the road to the top of Tortugas Mountain
With the sun shining brightly this morning the full force of the humidity was evident.  Not surprisingly, the local weather reporters are predicting rain for later today.  We ran into Jimmy near the Sunset Parking lot where, unlike yesterday, there were only a few vehicles.  We hiked with Jimmy to the road leading to the mountaintop, where we parted company.  When we were heading back we linked up with him again near the same spot, hiking back to the parking area together.  
Desert greenery

Becca spots a woman jogger about to round a bend in the trail

Hazy view of the Organ Mountains

On the outer loop road

This Black-throated Sparrow had a big song

Sandy desert floor

Hot dog digging into the cool, wet sand


Dr. K said...

The humidity is unpleasant but bearable, especially if it leads to rain.

Scott said...

Great image of the Black-throated Sparrow! Really great!

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