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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Idyllic Day on the Mountain

What I mean by "idyllic":  the temperature was perfect, 62 degrees Fahrenheit; there were only a few cars in the Sunset Parking lot when we set off; we saw nobody on the mountain; the several Desert Cottontail rabbits we encountered seemed to know I had Becca under control and didn't run away; I didn't get at all sweaty during the trek; and we ran into our buddy, Jimmy, back at the parking area where we stood chatting for fifteen or twenty minutes.  All in all a very pleasant morning outing.
In the upper foothills of Tortugas Mountain

Desert Cottontail

Same rabbit, different posture

Tortugas and the Organs

Waiting on the road around Tortoise Mountain

Bunnies are just so cute

Dynamic sky over the mountain

Redundancy:  Picacho Peak ("picacho" means "peak" in Spanish)

Heading home after a satisfying hike

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Dr. K said...

Those jackrabbits are so cute.

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