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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's in the Wind?

How can you not help but hear?
At times, when you're slogging through the desert on a humid day, and you're hot and sweaty, a light wind will suddenly freshen, blowing directly into your face, cooling you down and giving you an expansive feeling, an ineffable epiphany suggesting--no matter how screwed up the world is, no matter how messed up events are in your own life--that everything will be all right in the end.
Along the foothills trail

Water oasis

Hot AND humid

You can almost hear Becca panting

Awesome cloud formation


Dr. K said...

That's what being in nature is all about.

Scott said...

At the airport hotel this morning, before we left Denver en route to our current location of San Diego, the TV weather report blared "Southwest monsoon returns!" I don't know if it's raining, but it sure is humid there. San Diego is chilling' under clouds this afternoon, and Kali's brother said it even drizzled this morning--very unusual in July.

Caroline said...

It's a good thing Becca is good at finding shade!

packrat said...

You're a naturalist at heart, Dr. K.


packrat said...

It's been pretty humid here, Scott, and several afternoons we've been teased with the promise of rain. Unfortunately, it seems to have missed us the past few days.

packrat said...

Caroline: Becca is really a shady character.

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