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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hiking in the Mountains

Looking down canyon from the Osha Trail
Dr. K, Becca and I took a long hike on the Osha Trail outside of Cloudcroft, New Mexico this morning.  It was downright chilly.  Dr. K was dressed properly.  Packrat wasn't, though Packrat never felt uncomfortable; he was storing up the memory of cool temperatures for future recollection in the hot desert.  Toward the end of our trek we ran into a middle-aged couple who were just starting out.  They told us the altitude was getting to them; they were from Austin, Texas (elevation 500 ft.)  They didn't seem enthused when I said that the Osha Trail was all above 9,000 ft.
Proper attire for early-morning hiking on a cool July

Improper attire

The village of Cloudcroft, New Mexico


Come out to the meadow, bonnie Jean

Hummingbird from below

Ruffled feathers

Ready for flight


Scott said...

Nice sunflower image! It must be such an incredible relief to be out of the baking desert. I can't believe that a few thousand feet would make the difference between needing shorts vs. a windbreaker, but I guess it does (thank goodness!)

The Austin, Texas couple will be like Kali and me. We live at 234 feet in elevation--but our Colorado place is at 7300 feet (but not 9000).

Dr. K said...

That hummingbird appeared to be enjoying getting its feathers ruffled by the breeze.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Yes, it's great to be in the high country: long hikes in the morning, cooling rain in the afternoon. You'll adjust to the elevation in no time.

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