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Thursday, July 4, 2013

To Bridal Veil Falls

A secluded cabin in High Rolls
We did a lower elevation hike this morning, the long trek through Fresnel Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls.  The only people we saw was a family at the falls.  We saw them again, too, back at the bridge near the trailhead.  When we got back to the parking area we were surprised to discover they had the same kind of Jeep Commander we have; not only that, they bought theirs the same place we did:  Mack Massey in El Paso.  They live in Cloudcroft, and they praised the vehicle's bad-weather versatility.
Bridge over the creek and an old railroad trestle

Becca and Dr. K cross the bridge

Hiking into the canyon

Apache Plume flower

Bridal Veil Falls

Where the creek flows

Sacramento Prickly Poppy, an endangered plant in New Mexico

A Cholla (Choy-ya) over six feet tall

Flowers of the Cholla

Cholla flower and helpmate

Cholla in bloom

Thorny beauty

How can such a dangerous plant have such delicate flowers?

Gorgeous vista



Dr. K said...

Such beautiful cholla flowers.

Scott said...

Chollas even at High Rolls...? You're incorrigible!

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