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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sharing the Trail

Getting started on the Osha Trail at 9,000 feet
It was a slightly busy morning on the Osha Trail.  We ran into an elderly gentleman and his dog, Molly, a woman having an engaging conversation on her cell phone, and a young couple and their five dogs, two of whom were handsome German Shorthair Pointers.  All five dogs were really well behaved, and Becca enjoyed very much meeting them.  Only drawback to a beautiful hike:  it was slightly muddy after last night's rain.
Dr. K taking an iPhone picture of me

35% of a dog's brain is reserved for the olfactory sense

Nodding Onion


Dr. K and Becca forging ahead

Almost at the midway point

Day Flower

Inquisitive red squirrel


The Mexican Canyon Trestle vista off Highway 82

Champ comes to visit

Three-dog night

Becca and two Lab bums (Champ's and Hoss's)

Resident lizard at the ranch


Dr. K said...

It's so unusual to get a squirrel to pose for a photo.

Scott said...

And it's a great image, too, isn't it Dr. K?

That Cliff Fendlerbush really looks like a species of dogwood. Do you know anything about it, packrat?

packrat said...


I did misidentify this flower as Cliff Fendlerbush, but I can find no evidence of a dogwood with this kind of flower along the Osha Trail. The only dogwood I can find reference to in the Sacramentos is the Redosier Dogwood, which has flower clusters rather than flowers with petals. Here's a link to some info on Cliff Fendlerbush (false mock orange); you can see the similarity of the blossoms.

More research is necessary.

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