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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ocotillo Deluxe

It was absolutely stunning to see the Ocotillo forest in the desert this morning; the sheer number of Buggy Whip wands resplendent in green finery was astounding.  There were many Rain Lillies out, too, displaying their lemony-yellow flowers.  I've noticed over the years that the Rain Lilies that flourish after desert rains grow abundantly in the sandiest of soils. 

Water pooled in a toppled Prickly Pear pad

More shade now that the Ocotillos are leafed out

Rain Lily

Closeup of the Rain Lily flower


Scott said...

Rain lillies: an undeniable testament to the fact that your monsoon has started--at least a bit! They're beautiful.

The "cold" front that was supposed to end our stinkin' heat wave with severe thunderstorms and cooler temperatures on Saturday evening was a bust. At 9 p.m., we heard thunder, but 30 minutes later the stars were out with nary a raindrop in sight. Temperatures on Sunday were about 5 degrees lower than on Saturday (90 instead of 95), but the humidity was still unbearable. Today (Monday), the temperatures are still high, the humidity is still high, and, at 4 p.m., we are receiving a deluge that would soak you to the skin in seconds. Ah, summer!

Dr. K said...

That photo of the rain lilly is beautiful.

packrat said...

Just reading your description of the weather back there makes me all sweaty and sticky, Scott. It must have been a great relief when the sky opened up and let the deluge start.

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