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Monday, April 13, 2015

Cold, Blustery Day

Sky starting out
It started raining late afternoon yesterday and rained steadily--though lightly--all through the night and into the early-morning hours.  At about 9:30 I was able to get out onto the trail west of Tortugas Mountain for an hour-long trek.  There were a few other cars in the Sunset Area parking lot, but I didn't see any outdoor enthusiasts.  The wind was quite forceful, and whenever the sun disappeared behind the clouds it felt chilly-to-cold.  Becca gets her sutures out tomorrow morning, so I should be able to take her with me on Wednesday.
Devil's Head swollen with rain

Torrey Yucca

Still blossoming

Thick clouds blowing in

Rain clouds rolling over the Organs

Heading back into the foothills of the Tortoise

Sky at hike's end


Dr. K said...

April showers bring May flowers.

Caroline said...

I bet Becca can hardly wait!

packrat said...

She got her sutures out today (4/14), Caroline, so she's good to go tomorrow.


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