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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Heading West

Just getting started alongside Tortugas Mountain
This morning I hiked along Tortugas for about a mile and a half before striking due west on one of the dirt roads leading away from the mountain.  I trekked out that way for miles because there were quite a few people close in to the mountain.  I only ran into one guy jogging with his dog.  I hiked west almost reaching the line of homes at the edge of the desert before turning around.  I got in a good long hike, but I still felt the absence of my devoted hiking companion Becca.
Mesquite trees are leafing out

Pinacate Beetle (aka "stink bug")

Could be police or fire personnel running together

Claret Cup

Across the desert to Picacho

Organ Mountains

Yuccas still blooming in the rolling desert

West to the far horizon

Feather Dalea

You can see why they're called "Feather" Dalea

Greening desert

Homes at desert's edge

Way west of Tortugas

Not sure what the delicate little flowers on this bush are

Brown-crested Flycatcher

Becca ready for her job interview


Caroline said...

I love Becca's shirt. -- although it looks a mite small on her! I hope she's doing OK.

Dr. K said...

Becca's incision seems to be healing, but she'll be housebound for about another week. She's putting up a brave front.

packrat said...

It didn't look quite so small when the shirt was tucked into her jeans, but she keeps taking the pants off.


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