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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Much Cooler Morning

Sunny, but cool
The cold front that swept in on heavy winds yesterday gave us thunder, a brief shower, and much cooler temperatures.  Right before sunrise we were 39 F at our place.  When I got back from a somewhat lengthy hike this morning I took Becca out for a brief jaunt up the arroyo that runs along beside our house.  She enjoyed getting out.  This afternoon I'll taker her for another ride in the car.  She's looking especially spiffy in her blue t-shirt today.
Border Patrol still working out

Some environmentalist dumped railroad ties in the desert

The Tortoise

Recent strong winds have dusted the sky

Desert Marigold

Desert Marigolds

Dune Evening Primrose

Becca got a walk up the arroyo beside our house this morning

Inside the patio enclosure

Wanting out again already


Scott said...

The first image of Becca (in her blue T) is so bizarre--it almost looks like two unrelated dog bodies PhotoShopped together. was 37 degrees here in the northern Piedmont this morning. Of course, I'm not sure we're going to get much above 37 today, with a thick bank of clouds and mist/drizzle.

Scott said...

Does the BLM ever clean up debris like the railroad ties?

Dr. K said...

It's good to see Becca back on the blog, even if she's not on the hike.

packrat said...


I assure you it's one dog body; that collar of the t-shirt keeps getting pulled below her neck each time she sits down. It'll take the BLM forever to pick up the railroad ties. The last time I notified them of this kind of debris it literally took six months before they got rid of it.

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