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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Happened to Spring?

7:25 a.m., 36 degrees Fahrenheit
It was really cold when I got started this morning, but the sun soon warmed things up.  As soon as I was a mile from the trailhead I heard a pack of Coyotes making a racket to the south of my position.  I was hoping to get a glimpse of them, and I did--but from quite a distance.  The FujiFilm camera I carry on my hikes has only a 10X optical zoom, so I did the best I could considering I was also shooting into the sun; I had to use my photo-editing software to avoid having the images appear completely washed out.  You can bet that if you spot Coyotes out in the desert they have already spotted you.
Hiking in the shadow of Tortugas


7:45 a.m., finally reaching the sun in the high foothills

Across the desert to Bishop Cap

Primroses welcoming the sun

Coyote watching from a distance

They never miss a trick (it's why they're called The Trickster)

There are four of them

Not really wary, but curiious

Caught in the act:  either copulating or expressing dominance

A final look before disappearing over the hill

After the flowers comes the Yucca fruit

They look like pickles, peppers or cucumbers at times

An Ocotillo blooming and leafing out at the same time (rare)

The early leaves are due to an abundance of rain lately

One of the most beautiful desert plants


Caroline said...

That 1st coyote shot is really nice!

packrat said...

Thanks, Caroline. Made me wish I'd had my Sony digital SLR and telephoto lens.

Dr. K said...

Nice to see the ocotillo leaves turning green.

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