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Friday, April 24, 2015

Yet Another Hearing

Sign announcing yet another hearing for the 16-acre parcel near Tortugas
Doña Ana County Staff is recommending yet again that the 16 acres just west of Tortugas Mountain be zoned EC3c (Planned Commercial District, 3-acre minimum lot size, attractive and efficient retail and personal service facilities of integrated design, with conditions).  Let's face it:  no matter how many times the Extra Territorial Zoning Commission keeps shooting this down the Doña County Staff is going to keep having hearings until this parcel is eventually zoned commercial.  After all, what's more important, the preservation of land or the making of monetary profit?
Let's get moving

Rainwater on Prickly Pear blooms

Get a couple of legs up

In the distance the Franklin Mountains near El Paso, Texas

Monitoring our progress

Getting ready to go

Upcoming flowering spectacular

Organ Mountains under clouds

The Tortoise (left) and the Organs

Clouds rolling through make for light-and-shadow shows


Dr. K said...

You need to fight the good fight, Packrat.

Scott said...

I'm sure you're glad Kali and I won't be retiring to Las Cruces and putting further development pressure on your neighborhood.

packrat said...

I would never think that about you two, Scott.

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