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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Windy Weather Redux

Prickly Pear Cactus flowers
The last few days here in the northern Chihuahuan Desert have been awfully windy.  We haven't had much blowing dust yet, but it looks to be in the forecast for tomorrow.  It wasn't bad when Becca and I were out for our morning hike.  There were a lot of other outdoors enthusiasts on the mountain, too.  I spent the majority of our trek time photographing flowers, as you can see.
Somewhat rose-like

What color is this?  Peach?  Tangerine?

Becca was very interested in the fur this animal left behind

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus ready to bloom

Why do dogs always look silly sitting?

Back toward the Tortoise

Laden with pollen

Not much shade to rest in

Blooming all over

Disconcerting when a Turkey Vulture is checking you out

Ready to open

Identical twins

Prickly Pear flowers on the same plant are often different colors

Late-blooming Claret Cup Hedgehog


Dr. K said...

Amazing colors on those cactus blossoms.

Caroline said...

The turkey hawk would have been more disconcerting if it had kept circling lower and lower!

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