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Friday, July 3, 2015

In the Sacramentos

Starting off on the Bridal Veil Falls Trail
Ordinarily we wouldn't hike the Bridal Veil Falls Trail in early July, but the cool overcast conditions prompted us to go for it; so Dr. K, Becca and I drove a few miles to the trailhead and did a long trek.  About two miles in we encountered two men who were headed out.  They were the only hikers we saw on our outing.  What we did run into were several of the largest rare Sacramento Mountains Prickly Poppy plants we've ever seen.  In the past we've only spotted four or five of these spectacular flowers, but they were blooming all along the trail in the lower canyon area.  We could hear the waterfalls from quite a distance, and it definitely was running harder than it has during recent visits.  The cool weather persisted all during our long hike, making for a very pleasant morning adventure.  When we got back to our place Becca was delighted to see several of her neighborhood buddies, and they all played for about twenty minutes.
A new bench in an alcove just off the trail

The spot is dedicated to a friend

Dr. K and Becca on the trail leading to the footbridge

The trail leading to the canyon

A short break after a steep climb

This and following:  Sacramento Mountains Prickly Poppy

Unripe fruit of the Creeping Barberry

Reeds growing alongside the creek

Becca and Packrat at the Bridal Veil Falls ramada

Cottonwood trees and Sycamores growing in the creek bed

Through a dry arroyo then up a steep section of trail

Somebody fashioned an obelisk alongside the trail

In the distance the gypsum of White Sands National Monument

Right to left:  Champ, Cowboy and Becca

Becca's neighborhood buds (and Dr. K)

Play time!

Cowboy takes a break

Let's follow Champ down this steep hill

Where Champ and Cowboy (just visible) ended up

One last pet before the dogs head home

Prickly Poppy


Dr. K said...

It was a real treat to see those Sacramento poppies because they're so rare. And it was a treat to see Champ and Cowboy, too!

Scott said...

In what larger drainage does the water falling over Bridal Veil Falls end up? The Pecos? The Rio Grande? Does it make it that far, or disappear into the ground (or irrigation ditches)?

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