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Friday, December 18, 2015

Coolest Coyote Encounter

Torrey Yuccas just west of Tortugas Mountain
We trekked an entirely different way this morning before ending up in the area where we saw Mr. Coyote several days ago.  We had just finished examining a passel of peccary (Javelina) tracks when our canid friend made his presence known.  I waved to him the way I've waved in the past, and I'm certain now that he recognizes us.  He was not nearly as leery as before, and, as you can see in the video below, even made us aware that he wasn't too thrilled about our being there.  For the second time I got a very clear understanding of why many Native American tribes have myths about Coyote as the Trickster.  When Becca and I followed fairly close behind him when he departed--and he wasn't moving quickly--he completely had disappeared from sight by the time we crested a ridge where we saw him only a moment before.
Next to eating, happiest when hiking

Haven't ID'd these yet, but I'm amazed they're still flowering

A great expanse of Chihuahuan Desert

Heading back behind the Tortoise

Large clump of Tasajillo (aka "Pencil Cholla")

More Yuccas

3' Barrel Cactus

Looking down at Soaptree Yucca leaves

Javelina (peccary) tracks in an arroyo

Soaptree Yuccas in a large arroyo

An idea of how tall some Soaptree Yuccas grow (I'm 5' 11")

Exploring a wide arroyo

First sighting

Interested in our presence

Moving along

Cresting a nearby hill

Taking stock of the situation

Sampling our scent?

Looking serious

Happy not to be in Wile E. Coyote's sights

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The coyote is making it very clear that he wants you and Becca to stay away from his territory. I wonder if he's the leader of a pack?

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