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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Outback Bushwhacking

Getting ahead of the pack (two-pack)
A beautiful, warm morning today led Becca and I to stray far into the outback in search of interesting sights.  She spotted a Coyote off in the distance, but I couldn't get a photo of it because it was moving away from us at a very fast pace.  We bushwhacked back toward the west side of Tortugas Mountain following the canid's route, hoping that it had doubled back to get a look at us, but no such luck.  We ran into JC and Olivia on the way to the trailhead and hiked with them for a mile or so talking politics and college basketball.
Exploring a large arroyo west of the mountain

Bushwhacking across the hilly Chihuahuan Desert

Looks like a trail, but it's not


Dr. K said...

During many of these days, there's a 30 or 40 degree temperature difference from early morning to mid afternoon. I'm glad it wasn't too cold this morning.

Scott said...

Packrat: We're enjoying incredibly wonderful weather here in the northern Piedmont, too. It was almost springlike today, with a high near 60 degrees and beautiful, cloudless skies. This weekend, we're supposed to get into the mid-60s. Normal highs for this time of year are 48!

By the way, here's a gentle chiding: Your commentary started off with "A beautiful, warm morning today led Becca and I to stray..." As a seasoned writer, you have obviously seen your error in this sentence. :-)

packrat said...

Our weather is changing tomorrow, Scott, and our highs will be dipping by twenty degrees.

Regarding my first sentence, if you're suggesting I should have used the idiom "to be led astray" that's not what I was saying. We "strayed" from the normal path because the weather was so beautiful. Been reading "The Elements of Style" again, have you? :)

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