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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three Coyotes

Fuzzy low-light photo of the tricksters
Becca and I encountered three coyotes within a hundred yards of starting off this morning.  One of them deposited some scat before all of them crossed the trail directly ahead of us.  They weren't moving too fast because they were curious about us, but they maintained a safe, clear distance.  The light was low so my photos of them are inadequate; and all the images after the one listed here as "aperture experiment" appear greyer than the day really was because I forgot to readjust my camera.  One of the reasons I forgot to alter the camera settings is that it was downright frigid in the desert this morning, the result of another windy cold front just barreling into the area.
Pause to look back at us

Staring at us now

Aperture experiment

Time to go

Into the high foothills under a grey sky

Not as grey as it looks

Becca watches a truck head up the mountain road

Far point of our morning hike

Snow sky

Not as ominous as it looks

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the different shades of purple/blue/grey in the photo captioned "Not as grey as it looks."

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