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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Two Well-Spent Hours

Getting started out of Monte Vista
On a long trek around Tortugas Mountain early this Sunday morning Dr. K, Becca and I saw absolutely nobody until we returned to the trailhead after several hours in the warmish Chihuahuan Desert.  We're supposed to hit a high of 65 F today--not too shabby for a day in late December.  There are actually flowers still in bloom now.  Quite incredible.  We're looking forward to an upcoming sojourn in the Sonoran Desert, another of our favorite arid places in these United States.
The lower left side of the boulder outcropping in the center . . .

. . . is right here (looking back)

It's about five miles from here to the Organ Mountain foothills

Behind Tortugas

Rocky section of the trail

Looking back at the trail we followed to here

A stand of Torrey Yuccas

Another stand of Yuccas

Dr. K and I are too pokey for Becca

Mounds of Hedgehog Cactus in the southern foothills

Scouting for wildlife

Far point of the hike

Curious-looking clouds

Gorgeous mountain range

Smoke signal


Dr. K said...

There were a lot of interesting cloud formations this morning, very pretty against the bright blue sky.

Scott said...

Packrat: Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I'm really "down." I think I've got SADD.

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