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Sunday, December 6, 2015

No Sunday Stroll

Just starting out from the Monte Vista side of the mountain
Although it was a little cold when we started out this morning the temperature warmed up nicely while Dr. K, Becca and I trekked around Tortugas Mountain this Sunday.  We encountered a few mountain bikers, a jogger, and the German woman hiker we often see hiking alone behind the mountain.  We stopped to chat with her a bit today; since she always has nice things to say about Becca we figure she's a real dog person.  We have a certain high regard for people who care about animals.
Yuccas and Sotols growing on the mountain's flank

That certain itch

Rectifying that previous pic

The trail we followed to this point

Headed around the Tortoise

Jets over the Organs

Heading back after a long trek

Yuccas and the rugged Organ Mountains

What do I see?

To the left of the red dot a hiker strikes straight up the mountain


Dr. K said...

Becca was on high alert throughout most of the hike, but often we couldn't see what she was so focused about.

Scott said...

Beautiful sky in the first image, Packrat.

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