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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sunny, Windy and Cold Yet Again

Into the lower desert
Becca and I got an early start this morning, and we hiked pretty far into the outback exploring the desert.  We ran across an old stone cross we've seen a few times before, and again I found myself wondering about its significance.  It's probably about four feet long and three feet wide, and is comprised of hundreds of stones.  Not far from the cross on the same small plateau is a stone circle fashioned in a way to symbolize something, but I don't know what.  It was pretty cold for such a long trek this morning, but both Becca and I were dressed appropriately.
Stopping on the Cross-Cut Trail

Soaptree Yucca

Heading west on a long dirt road

Stone cross

Far west of Tortugas Mountain

Stone circle whose symbology I don't understand

Becca way ahead of the pack

The dirt road we're hewing to

Prickly Pear and the Organ Mountains


Scott said...

I gotta' ask Becca if she felt dressed properly for this forced march. :-)

packrat said...

:), Scott. Becca is always dressed properly.

Dr. K said...

You never have to force Becca to take a hike, no matter what the weather is.

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