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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day Two at Thunderbird

Heading up "Desert Iguana" Trail
Day 2 of our Sonoran Desert sojourn started off with another fun hike at Thunderbird Conservation Park in Glendale, Arizona.  Yesterday's hike was a 90-minute trek, and today's was approximately the same.  It's a shame there are so many people out and about even on the weekdays, but it's also gratifying to see so many outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage of a natural preserve.
Water flowing in the Sonoran Desert

Saguaro Cactus

Creosote Bushes and a Palo Verde Tree

Young Saguaros:  1 1/2' (left), 3' (right), 4' (background)


Barrel Cactus and clones

Loggerhead Shrike

Becca having Sonoran Desert fun

A large Cholla


Scott said...

Is that a dam on the far left side of the second image (Water flowing in the Sonoran Desert)?

Dr. K said...

It's good to see the beautiful saguaro cacti again in the desert.

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