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Friday, December 11, 2015

Two Women, Eight Dogs

Monte Vista side of the mountain
Because we had to avoid the west side of the mountain due to the pilgrims hiking to the shrine on top, Becca and I went around to the Monte Vista area on the east side and did a long hike around Tortugas.  We ran into no one in the outback, but on the return leg--just as we rounded a bend in the trail--we saw a small white dog running towards us.  Suddenly a whole pack of canines (all friendly, fortunately) were rushing forward, anxious to make contact.  The two women with the animals, three of which were pitbulls, said all members of the pack were rescue dogs.  Although Becca seemed slightly overwhelmed by the flurry of canine activity there was no growling or barking from any of the pups. 
Boulders on the eastern flank of Tortugas

We started up the old mining trail . . .

. . . but decided against going to the mountaintop

Back behind the Tortoise

Circular rock house

Far west of Tortugas and the Organs

Large arroyo west of the mountain

A giant Torrey Yucca returns to the earth

Another view of the yucca

Doing a little bushwhacking

Well off the beaten path

Desert Marigolds still in flower

Getting back to the dirt road

Contrails over the Organs


Dr. K said...

I like the second photo, with the light on the boulders.

packrat said...

I do, too, Dr. K. :)

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