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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Getting Sloppy

Looking this way . . .
It's inevitable:  heavy snowfall followed by bright sunshine = muddy conditions.  That was the case this morning as Becca and I dodged pockets of mud along the trail.  Well, to be accurate, I dodged pockets of mud while Becca stepped right into them; she's not too picky about where she places her paws during a hike.  We saw only a few other trekkers while we were out there; not too surprising considering how cold it was.  Our low temperatures have dipped below 20F a few times this week.
. . . and that

Muddy single-track trail

Snow melt on the road around the mountain

The snowy Potrillo Mountains

Remnants of snow in the mountains and on the desert floor

Snow-free Soaptree Yucca

Starting to get back to normal

Snow or no snow, a very happy hiker

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Despite the mud, the desert still looks beautiful.

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