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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Slight Chill

Getting a really early start
Becca and I headed out for Tortugas Mountain really early this morning, and it was quite chilly for mid-May.  It warmed up a bit during our trek--owing perhaps to physical exertion--but when we stopped to talk to our buddy Jimmy on the way back it still seemed pretty cool.  I heard the high for Chicago today will be only 51F; and a few days ago it was snowing in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio.  I heard recently that the new term for climate change and global warming is "climate disruption."  That seems about right; we're disrupting our climate, and our illustrious leaders are unwilling to do anything substantive about it.
White-winged Doves on Buggy Whip wands

Higher ground

Not a UFO, but rather a White-winged Dove

Flank of Tortugas and the Organ Mountains beyond

Keeping a watchful eye

Galaxy of yellow flowers

Looks like rain (and we did get a little later)


Soaptree Yucca west of Tortugas Mountain

Blooming out

Soon-to-be bell-shaped flowers


At first I thought this was a hawk over captured prey

It turned out to be hawk-shaped wood

Long way back to Tortugas and the Organs

Want a little sky with those clouds?

Yucca flowers and observatory

More Soaptree Yuccas

And still more

Old and the new

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Maybe if it's called "climate disruption" more people will understand what a serious issue this is for the entire planet.

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