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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Foggy Bottom

Trail into the low clouds
Got an early start this morning when the relative humidity was 99%; that should have clued me in to what the weather would be like around Tortugas Mountain:  foggy.  I had to drive through a couple of fog banks to make it to the west side.  The fog didn't last long, though, burned off by the brilliant sunshine.

There weren't many outdoor enthusiasts on and about the mountain while I was there, but I did encounter a guy whose Pitbull came running around a corner to greet me; it was very friendly.  The man apologized for letting his dog approach me, but I said, "No problem--it's fine."

I had to cut the hike a bit short today because it's that time of the week when I have to make joint shopping visits to Target and Albertsons, two stores that conveniently stand next to one another in the plaza off Lohman Avenue.
Fog in the Mesilla Valley

Heading for higher ground

In the high foothills

Somewhere along the upper foothills trail

The "New Trail"

Clouds sinking into fog

This and the next 6:  got carried away with Ms. October

Ms. October (Bunnies of the northern Chihuahuan Desert)

Fog between Tortugas and the Organs

A look down into the valley

Do you cairn for me?

Fog at the base of the Organ Mountains

Tortugas Mountain's west side

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Dr. K said...

Adorable photos of Ms. October.

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