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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hygienist Hike

Sky at start
I titled my blog post like this today because I shortened my morning trek a bit so I could make a 10:30 dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned without having to rush.  As it turns out I got to see the dentist, too, who informed me I need another crown.  At this rate I'll soon have enough crowns to start a royal family.

There were others out and about on this chilly morning (47F at start), but I only ran into one, a woman I see hiking every once in a while; i.e. I see her every once in a while hiking.  She's a pleasant person, and we exchanged greetings.

Halfway through my hike--basically as soon as I got out of shadow into sunlight--I had to remove my Marmot PreCip jacket because I got too warm; it's not cool enough yet to keep all layers on during a trek.
Shadow and light

Sunlight touching the tops of Ocotillos

Road to the lower desert

Sign of the season

Tortugas and the Organs


Torrey Yucca and Soaptrees to the west

Closer in to Tortugas

Heart like a rock

Another sign of the season

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The ocotillos are becoming more and more yellow. Nice photos, Packrat.

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