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Friday, November 5, 2021

Band of Happy Hikers

View from LDR-A
This morning we trekked down LDR-A to the Tellbrook Arroyo, crossed it, and did an exploration of small arroyos southwest of Tortugas Mountain.  The only ground-based critter we saw today was a jackrabbit fleeing away from us across the desert floor.

Later, making our way west in the Tellbrook Arroyo, we saw a passel of Lesser Goldfinches in the trees lining the southern bank.  They sat obligingly while I took a few photos.

When we reached the intersection with LDR we took that road back into the upper flatland where our CR-V was parked.

Barrel Cactus fruit

Frio and Willow

Exploring a small arroyo

Frio and Willow

Sticks and shadows

Midway point of the hike

Soaptree X

Soaptree Yucca stalk with spent seed pods

Mesquite and mountains

Tortugas (left) and the Organ Mountains

The Castor and Pollux of Soaptree Yuccas

Tom Turkey

This & next 2:  Lesser Goldfinches



1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice photos today. I really like the photos of the Lesser Goldfinches, especially the last one where the bird seems to be looking straight at you.

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