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Sunday, November 14, 2021

C'è Vento Stamattina

First 4:  Soaptree Yuccas
We did nearly the same hike today as yesterday morning with a slight variation:  we crossed briefly off the left branch arroyo to see if we'd identified a narrow animal trail that led to the ridge east of us; if it was a trail it hadn't been used in a long while.

Heading back down the left branch we came to the junction with the east branch and followed that south into the upper reaches of the water course and, eventually, to its head.  After a brief pause there for a photo-op we climbed west up the steep hill that leads to the upper flatland road.

We saw one other human this morning, a woman runner heading north on LDR while we headed north in the arroyo that runs parallel to LDR-A.  She was some distance away so I don't believe she saw us.

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History of basket making

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Prickly Pear pads

Three Wise Soaptrees

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The O's


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Dr. K said...

That second photo of Frio and Willow is so good!

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