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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Fool on a Hill

Said hill at right
Today Willow, Frio and I climbed the hill I've been wanting to summit for quite a while now; our method involved going further east in the Tellbrook Arroyo to find an arroyo that runs just west of the hill.

Turned out to be a circuitous route because the main branch of the new arroyo was blocked with heavy foilage forcing us to bushwhack around it in several places.  And when we finally reached a good spot for climbing the hill we had to bushwhack through thick grass because there was no discernible trail.

After taking a few photos at the hilltop we decided to see if we could find a path over to the left branch of the other arroyo we've been exploring of late.  We ended up bushwhacking again until we discovered what was probably an animal trail to our destination.  It worked out fine.  After we went up the left branch for a bit we turned around and trekked down to the intersection with the right branch which we followed south to its head and then up the steep hill and out to the upper flatland road.

Huge Torrey Yucca

A different Torrey Yucca

View from the hill

Creosote bush in fall finery

Mr. Frio blowing bubbles

Willow and Frio

Hill we climbed (center) doesn't look high from here

Ridge west of the Organs




1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I'm glad you all were able to climb that hill! I love the photo of the red sumac leaves.

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