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Monday, November 29, 2021

Chilly But Not Cold

Barrel Cactus fruit
A little longer trek for the Heelers and me this morning:  down LDR-A all the way to the east/west cross trail and east to the new arroyo; up the left branch of the arroyo and then back down past the right branch to the cross trail west.

From there we ascended into the upper flatland using the arroyo that runs parallel to LDR-A.  We saw no human outdoor enthusiasts today, but we had two more encounters of the first kind with two dashing jackrabbits who were dashing to get out of the Heelers' way.  Fortunately I saw both hares at the same time as Willow and Frio so I was able to keep my arms from being ripped out of their shoulder sockets.

Soaptree and the mountains

Frio and Willow in the new arroyo

Lonely Soaptree  Yucca

This weed makes stickers to attach to clothing


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Dr. K said...

Nice photo of the Barrel Cactus fruit.

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