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Monday, January 3, 2022

Another Frigid Start

B&W Prickly Pear
24F at start this morning with a wind chill of 20F.  30F when we ended our hike.  Add a brisk breeze to the chill and it was quite cold when we were out there.

Frio and Willow weren't bothered by the conditions at all; in fact, they were more than ready to get going, pulling me after them down the first section of LDR-A before we detoured into the adjacent arroyo.

From there the pulling behavior got better until we started up the final stretch in Right Branch Arroyo.  Heelers picked up a scent and were straining to track down the source of the aroma, but I never saw any fleeing critters in front of us.

Desert living

The 3 Soaptree Yuccas at right are taller than the one at left

Frio and Willow

Part of the city of Las Cruces

Last 2:  same small tree


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the black-and-white photo of the tree. Spooky.

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