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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Breezy or Windy?

Prickly Pear in hiding
It was quite windy when we headed out this morning, and the wind was cold; I donned my gloves before we'd gone even ten feet.

We trekked down the LDR-A arroyo and cut over to the new arroyo.  Interestingly, as soon as we entered it the wind stopped.  The sun warmed things up nicely--including me.

We went up the left branch nearly to its source, crossed over to the middle branch and hiked southward toward its head.  Then we turned around and followed the middle down to the intersection with the right.

We meandered up the right branch to the ancient mesquite where we stopped for a brief respite; and then we went along on our merry way, exiting the arroyo via the steep hill beside the upper flatland road.  Heelers were very well behaved today.  All in all a great outing.

Dead yucca and Barrel Cactus

Small Barrel Cactus and Ocotillo

Dead Prickly Pear


Looking north down Middle Branch Arroyo

Backlit Soaptree Yucca

Looking south up Middle Branch Arroyo

We made it through here

Tall ships

Ocotillos on a bank in Middle Branch Arroyo

Heading out

Best friends:  creosote and Barrel Cactus


Prickly Pear with heart and a cat shadow

Last 2:  this morning's moon

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Dr. K said...

I love the last photo of this morning's moon.

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