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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hunting Season

Into the foothills
Today was the first day of hunting season here in New Mexico, and all I can say is "Welcome to the Wild West."  At dawn this morning, from my home office, I heard what sounded like a small war erupting in the desert east of the house.  Nobody can convince me that the rapid-fire discharges could seriously be coming from quail or dove hunters.  No wonder, then, that Becca and I felt slightly unnerved as we headed in the direction of the OK Corral for our Tortugas Mountain trek.  Good news:  we didn't get shot.
Side #1

Dos cabezas son mejor que uno

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Scott said...

Be careful out there, Packrat, Becca, and Dr. K. I'd really miss hearing from you.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. It really is crazy out there. More regulation is needed from Game and Fish, the BLM, New Mexico State University and even the sheriff's department.

Dr. K said...

How long are people allowed to hunt doves--is it Sept and Oct?

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