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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pleasant Sunday Outing

Getting started from the Monte Vista side of Tortugas
Dr. K, Becca and I did a moderately-long hike east of Tortugas Mountain this morning, and it turned out to be a very pleasant trek.  The temperature has temporarily cooled significantly, and there was a partial overcast to block the sun.  We had a little rain last night, so the humidity was quite high.  We figured there might be a lot of outdoor enthusiasts about, considering that classes are back in session at the local college, but it wasn't overly crowded.  I took a photo of some guy headed up the eastern face of the mountain, but didn't realize until I got home and enlarge it that the guy was our good friend, Jimmy.
White-winged Doves on a Sotol stalk (others waiting their turn)

Room for any more?

How many can pile on?

A view from the other side

Heading behind Tortugas Mountain

Organ Mountains on the eastern horizon

View up a steep draw

Who's that headed up the mountain?

Looks suspiciously like our friend, Jimmy

White cross in the desert

Headed down trail

In the distance the southern section of the Organ Mountains

Carcasses of the Four Sisters barrel cacti and their progeny (center left)

Road headed toward the Organs

Eastern edge of the Tortoise

Inching closer to the mountains

Far away look back at the Tortoise

Highlighted by sun:  Picacho Mountain

Drummond's Clematis?


Dr. K said...

That's a funny photo of the doves on the limb of the Sotol.

packrat said...

It is, Dr. K.

By the way, I got a message from Jimmy saying that wasn't him climbing up the mountain. I'll be darned.


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