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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sin Brisa

Heelers all
The last few days we've been lucky to have wind and/or breezes on our morning outing; not today.  There wasn't a breath of wind to help with the evaporative cooling process.  Nevertheless, we hiked up to Second Arroyo, trekked inside to a shady spot and stopped for water.

While we were there a Pinacate Beetle showed up and made a beeline straight for a drop of water I'd spilled on the sand.  Seeing its reaction I found a bit of yucca debris that had a shallow cup-shaped interior and poured some water into it.  Placing the "cup" in front of the beetle I was astonished to see it climb inside and drink the water.  Just an indication, I guess, of how severe our drought is these days.

On the way back to the upper flatland we had a close encounter of the 3rd kind with a Black-tailed Jackrabbit, and though both Frio and Willow spotted it neither dog made an attempt to pursue.  Perhaps they're learning; or maybe they were just too darned hot to chase.


Pinacate Beetle attracted to water I spilled

This & the next:  Willow and Frio

Pyrrhuloxia, aka "Desert Cardinal"


This & the next 2:  same Gambel's Quail in a mesquite

This and the next:  deadwood in a Creosote Bush

Hot Heelers

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Great photos of the Quail and the Desert Cardinal. I'm glad you gave that beetle some water.

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