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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Distant Sighting

Getting going on a warm, windy morning
I spent most of the long trek with Becca searching for signs of a male Coyote we've run into several times before in the recent past.  Since we found a dead Coyote about a week ago I've been worried that it was our buddy the Trickster.  When we were almost finished with our hike--on the trail leading back into the high foothills--Becca alerted me to something in the middle distance along the way we'd just come.  Since she's got better eyesight than me it took a while for me to see what she'd spotted:  a Coyote passing west to east through an area of heavy underbrush.  Of course I have no way of knowing if it was the same Coyote we've encountered before, but the sighting made me feel good nonetheless.
Down the single-track yet again

Torrey Yuccas

About as far from Tortugas Mountain as we got today

Soaptree Yucca forest (of sorts)

Soaptree Yucca with a bowed flower stalk

Barrel Cactus

Dancing yuccas

Small, narrow arroyo

Headed back to the Tortoise

Back in the high foothills

Becca spotted the Coyote first (lower right quadrant)

Closeup (relatively speaking) of the Coyote

Out for a ride with her dogs

Headed back to the stables

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I'm glad you (with Becca's help) spotted the coyote, even if it might not be the one you used to see in that area.

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