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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beautiful in the Outback

We're not going that way
Becca and I got an early start this morning and headed directly into the outback to see what we might find.  I'm always hoping to encounter coyotes, foxes or Javelinas (peccaries), but all we saw today were birds and jackrabbits.  We did cross paths with one mountain biker early on, but we didn't see any other hikers or bikers after that.  It was a tad chilly when we got started--owing to a stiff wind--but the temperature warmed up as soon as the wind diminished.  All in all a very nice trek.
We're heading down the single-track for the outback

Bushwhacking through here

And through a small arroyo

Small Barrel Cactus

Heading west by southwest

Starting to bloom

Arizona Jewel Flower

Decidedly yellowish-green . . .

. . .  but ending up pale yellow

Two Ravens

Looking for critters in the outback

A huge mass of Torrey Yucca

My ball cap gives you an idea of how big that Prickly Pear pad is

You can barely see the loop trail that crosses the saddle

Prickly Pear Cactus and the Organ Mountains

Leafless Ocotillos and the Organs


Dr. K said...

Beautiful photos of the Arizona Jewel flower.

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K. :)

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