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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Resupply Day at the Hacienda

I've photographed this Torrey Yucca many times before because I like it
I abbreviated the hike a little bit this morning because I had to run errands afterwards, including doing the grocery shopping and the purchasing of other staples for the hacienda.  Even though Becca and I were in a hurry we had just enough time to accompany JC and Olivia on the inbound leg of their hike.  As usual--with the exception of Becca--we talked politics, lamenting the dire state of our republic.  I know for certain that JC won't be voting for Hillary Clinton, but I get the feeling he's not particularly fond of Bernie Sanders, either.
Jet, tall Torrey Yucca and Becca on the trail

Wild Rhubarb

Wild Rhubarb (Rumex hymenosepalus)

Wild Rhubarb

Blooming in mid-February

Serpent or stick?


Potrillo Mountains


Dr. K said...

It's amazing that some of that wild rhubarb is blooming in Feb.

packrat said...

This early-spring weather has a lot of plants fooled, Dr. K.

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