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Monday, February 15, 2016

Return of Windy Weather

Just before the sun peeks over the mountain
Although it wasn't cold this morning a steady wind made it feel slightly chilly.  This weather system is in advance of a weak cold front that's lowering our temperatures to the high-60s.  It won't last long, though, as we're due to heat up again later this week.  Becca and I enjoyed the cooler temperature as we did a long trek west of Tortugas Mountain, during which we ran into no one.  Just as we climbed back into the foothills, though--along the trail over the saddle--we bumped into a guy named Daniel who's a firefighter always out training to keep in tiptop shape.
West slope of Tortugas bathed in morning light

Rugged western foothills

Heading down

A look back at the mountain

Something of a shade break before . . .

. . . striking westward

Yucca-filled gulley

Soaptree Yucca far west of the mountains

Long dirt road across the desert floor

Climbing a hill

Organ Mountains (Bishop Cap, left)

Trail over the saddle

Cranky Cactus Wren


Dr. K said...

I'm curious--why do you say the cactus wren was cranky? Because it's Monday morning?

packrat said...

:) No, Dr. K, because it was making a racket while sitting in that yucca.

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