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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Midweek Hike

Mounds of Hedgehog Cactus in the rocky high foothills
The best part of today's hike was running into JC and Olivia, who we hadn't seen in over a week.  Becca was particularly glad to see them as they always reward her with ear scratching and pets.  We walked the last mile or so back to the trailhead with the two Alaskans and enjoyed very much the brief conversation.  It always sounds as if I'm saying that Becca enjoyed the conversation, too, and indeed she does.  She uses my distraction to get way ahead of the pack in order to examine things on her own without supervision.
Traversing the mountain's flank

More cacti

Hedgehogs, Prickly Pear and a Little-Leaf Sumac bush

Third, shortstop and second base

Misty mountains

Spanish Dagger

Hills and dales

Cutting across the Crosscut Trail

Far west of the Tortoise

Ocotillos, yuccas and mountains

Headed back up Tortugas

Mountain spirit dancers


Dr. K said...

Becca's almost always a good girl, even when she's not supervised.

packrat said...

True enough, Dr. K. :)

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