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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morning on the Sierra Vista Norte Trail

An early start in the high country
Dr. K, Becca and I set out for the Organ Mountains this morning to do a long trek on the Sierra Vista Norte Trail.  Within a quarter mile we had removed our lightweight jackets, and I was hiking in short sleeves and shorts for the first time this year; it felt good to be unburdened of extra clothing.  Because the weather was so beautiful on a Sunday we weren't surprised to encounter other outdoor enthusiasts on the trail; but not too many:  a runner, a mountain biker, and a man and woman.  Back at the parking lot a woman and man, their two horses and two dogs were standing near a horse trailer.  They were all preparing for a long equestrian outing.  One of the dogs--Buddy--came over to greet Becca, and they had a short, but sweet, hello before we took off for the lower desert.
Sierra Vista Trail Norte ("Mountain View Trail North")

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

Long shadows

Moon over a mountain

If you look up "rocky" in the dictionary this is what you'll see in the margin

Varying shades of shadow

Becca and a tall Sotol

Sotol forest at the base of the mountain

Yucca and the Organ Mountains

Looking down on the village of Talavera and Tortugas Mountain

About to make a steep descent

Heading into a deep valley

It looks like Becca is heading out that utility road, but she's not

Mountain biker riding a rugged single-track

Narrow shade respite

Becca and Packrat

Barrel Cacti in the high country
Organ Mountains

Good photo of Becca and a Barrel Cactus (explain yourself, Dr. K)

Tableland loaded with Barrel Cacti


The kind of bayonets you wouldn't want to stumble into

A swell swale

Don't jump!  (Rock figure, center right)

Returning to the trailhead

How'd you like to live there?

Sotol with an attitude

Looks like a pile of boulders

Yucca and the Soledad Rocks


Dr. K said...

A really nice Sunday hike. Sorry I cut off the top of your head, Packrat.

packrat said...

You're forgiven, Dr. K. :)

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