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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Following Coyotes

Hiking along Tortugas Mountain's western flank
We weren't quite halfway across the Crosscut Trail when Becca spotted Coyotes; three of them.  From their behavior I'd surmise they were hunting together.  They didn't seem particularly disturbed by our presence, but as they started to leave they seemed to sense we were going to try following them.  It makes me laugh when I think about the futility of tracking the elusive Tricksters; they're so damned clever at secreting themselves in the desert terrain.  We tried taking a circuitous route that would have put us in front of them a mile or so to the south; but, not surprisingly, they were nowhere to be seen when we reached  our destination.  Although we couldn't see them I can almost say with certainty that they had parked themselves somewhere in the distance and we're monitoring our movements.
Down into the lower desert once again

A large Torrey Yucca

Something catches Becca's attention

It's the Trickster

Trickster and fellow Trickster (in fact there were three)

Canis latrans

Inside a desert study area

We tried to follow them

But they made tracks pretty quickly

Having a look back to see if we're following

And yet another look back . . .

. . . before hightailing it

Day at the beach?  No, a respite in an arroyo

Hedgehog Cactus and Becca


Wild Rhubarb flowers

Wild Rhubard

Devil's Head Cactus


Dr. K said...

You can't out-trick a trickster.

packrat said...

Very funny, Dr. K. :)

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