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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Staying Warm in the Desert

15F (-9.4C) when Becca and I headed out
It was 15F this morning when Becca and I left the house.  It felt even colder out at the mountain due to a slight wind.  Fortunately I had watched the local meteorologist on TV warning about going outdoors without proper layering so I followed her advice.  I wore a flannel-lined denim shirt over long trousers, a PolarPlus vest, a waterproof hooded anorak, a hat, ear protection and gloves.  When we first started hiking I had to put my gloved hand over my nose and mouth at times to keep my face from freezing.  Becca wore her regular coat, and she didn't seem to mind the weather a bit.
Glad to finally reach the sun

Down the single-track once again

Keeping an eye out for critters

Oh, yummy!

Swell swale

Impatient about my pokey photo taking

Where to find water in the desert

Paralleling an arroyo west of the mountain

Between here and the Organs:  the flank of Tortugas Mountain

Waiting in an arroyo

We're headed for another arroyo (center)

Uh oh--something got eaten

Soaptree Yuccas receding into the distance

Far out from Tortugas (left) and the Organ Mountains now

Student linemen at the Lineman School


Dr. K said...

I feel sorry for that lineman having to work in such frigid weather.

Scott said...

My reaction, too, Dr. K. When we have one of our (frequent) power outages here, which naturally occur during the worst weather, I feel really bad (and thankful) for the guys who have to get out there to restore our service. I imagine they're getting overtime pay, and maybe even hazardous duty pay, but it's still gotta be lousy.

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