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Monday, February 22, 2016

What's with the Air?

The air looks clear here . . .
It was windy for much of the day yesterday, but I was surprised to see how much dust still lingered in the sky today.  Since the wind didn't blow hard during the night I expected the dust to have settled, but distant mountains were barely visible through a haze during our hike this morning.  Becca and I ran into JC and Olivia just as we got back to our car, and I was surprised to learn that they're leaving for northern New Mexico a week from today.  They'll be heading back to Fairbanks, Alaska a week or so later.  We didn't really get to see them much this time around.
. . . but not so much here

This and the next:  Wild Rhubarb

Shade break in an Ocotillo shadow

West of Tortugas

Bishop Cap through the haze

More haze

Long way back up the mountain

Headed to higher ground

On the mountain's slope


Dr. K said...

Thanks to all of the dust in the air, the mountains in El Paso were barely visible today.

packrat said...

Too bad El Paso was still visible, Dr. K. :)

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